Well, it is ok when you just want to hide under the covers or lock yourself in the bathroom, only to get some ‘me ‘ time. It is important for you to get this time for your own emotional and physical wellbeing. As a busy mom, you have a number of responsibilities to fulfill, you take care of everything and everyone, but it is far more important that you take care of yourself too.

We all make excuses when it comes to taking care of ourselves. One of the biggest excuses we all make is that we do not get enough time. The thing is that if you do not care for self, you will get stressed and frustrated and many times physically ill. So to all feeling like this it is important that you organize the things in your life so that you get enough time to take care of yourself.here in this article we are going to tell you about some ways to organize your day and in the end get some time for yourself.

  1. Make a list

Listing down the tasks helps you to keep on track throughout the day. It also keeps you motivated, and you feel accomplished when you achieve the tasks. However, try not put unrealistic goals on the list.

  1. Breakfast

Taking breakfast with tea or coffee will put you in the right mood to accomplish everything on your list. Do not forget to eat something nutritious.

  1. Keep the kids entertained

It is important that you keep the kids entertained if you work from home. Television or computer will keep them distracted, and you can work on your other projects. If your kids watch animated movies start downloading them and show them one movie a day while you work on the list you made for tat day.

  1. Get the house cleaned

You don’t need to get the house cleaned from scratch . You can save it for te day when the whole family can get involved in the activity. For the time being make your house presentable. Make the beds, clean the kitchen wipe down the counter tops, placing the toys in their places. You can mark off the other task on your list.

  1. Prepare the meal for the evening

This one is my personal favorite. To save time you can make a menu for the week and choose what to make for that particular day from that menu. You can also pre-cut vegetables and freeze them to use them later in the meal. The slow cooker is a very user-friendly kitchen item. You can use a slow cooker to cook the meal for the day, and it will be ready by evening.

  1. Pull out your calendar

Get a paper planner and start writing down the things you need to do ad plan them accordingly. You can keep a general calendar placed in your sitting area so that everyone at the house can see it and have a look at the activities going around at the house.

  1. Your time now

Yes, now you can relax and have a ‘’me ‘’ time. Take a cup of tea, pull your feet up and relax.

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