7 Foods That Are Anxiety Reducers

Anxiety refers to the state of being unrelaxed and being constantly worried about something. This worry is not normal and is excessive and is the root cause of many severe problems and daily functioning problems. These problems could affect one life leaving him/her in a distressed situation.

This anxiety may be due to any exam, may be due to any love ones’ extra and obsessive care or may be due to any sort of unrealistic phenomenon.

So when trying to avoid any stressful situation or having some medication for the anxiety and stress aroused by some sort of stressful situation, there should also be some concern about the amount and type of food taken. There are some foods that must be avoided at any cost to reduce stress and to have a peace of mind.

Following is an overview of some foods that helps to reduce anxiety and to normalize the elevated mood:


This food comes with a lot of folic acids present in it, and this folic acid is usually linked with most of the mood problems which includes depression and anxiety. So this food item which is asparagus is the richest of folic acid and fulfills the body’s need for folic acid through just one cup full of it.

How to eat it?

You can add it to an omelet to enhance the taste of the omelet and also to elevate your mood and releasing all the stressful vibes aside.


Vitamin B is essential for our body and its deficiency leads to severe problems including some organic brain problems and some nerve cells problems are also caused by the deficiency of vitamin B. Anxiety is also related to the deficiency of vitamin B. Avocadoes are one the best foods to relieve anxiety symptoms. As avocados are richest in vitamin B and an additional food supplement for lowering blood pressure as they are also very high in potassium and fats which help to lower blood pressure.

You can have a non-dairy product made with avocado and mixed with any of the non-sweetened nutritive.


Blueberries are also one of the best food choices for relieving stress as it is an antioxidant and full of nutritious Vitamin c which is linked with happy mood. So next time, when stressed, have a cup of blueberries to make a full package of antioxidants and Vitamin c.


Milk is also related to good mood and with bone strength and treatment of fidgetiness and insomnia. It is also best for treating the mood problems.


Almonds are also rich in vitamins B2 and e which elevates the depressed mood and helps to regulate the mood problems.


Vitamin c is directly related to lowering blood pressure and cortisol. By lowering this stress-releasing hormone, the mood could be regulated.


Eating fish is also necessary for maintaining the mood at an optimal level, and omega 3 fatty acids present in the fish are the actual regulators of mood as they are the helper to keep the cortisol and adrenaline from reaching the peak.

Similarly, some other foods such as spinach, turkey, and oatmeal are good for regulating mood and releasing stress and anxiety and making the person a happy being.

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